Meijo University   Faculty of Pharmacy



Meijo University originated as the Nagoya Technical Engineering Institute founded by Professor Juichi Tanaka in 1926. The institute was reconstituted as Meijo University and accredited by the Ministry of Education in 1949 on the basis of the postwar reformed educational System. The University has now developed into the institution with the largest number of students (about 14, 000) in Central Japan.

It consists of five faculties: Law, Commerce, Science and Technology, Agriculture, and Pharmacy. The Faculty of Pharmacy was founded in 1954, and originally consisted only of the Department of Pharmaceutical Science. The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology was added in 1965. Graduate courses for the master or science and doctor of philosophy degrees were established in 1966 and 1971, respectively.

In l975, the Faculty was the first in Japan to begin offering a one-year graduate program in clinical pharmacy practice.